Declaring My Spiritual Practice

My spiritual practice is primarily focused on my family genogram, or family constellation, of the struggles and successes that we have overcome as individuals in the universe.

I journal through multimedia (producing and taking notes, pictures, music, video, tumblr, twitter, etc.) observe trends, comparisons, and connections that I share with my foremothers, forefathers, siblings, cousins, and so forth.

I ideally spend any time between thirty minutes to one hour everyday recording my own personal historical record of events of emotions, behaviors, feelings, and important events. I will then create some kind of multimedia post that sums up the salient parts of my week for the 10 weeks in this quarter.

I write down dreams that were vivid, or discuss not having a dream due to restlessness. I try to apply the setting of the time and space I was writing (acknowledging explicitly, or just writing to the side the date and time of a particular entry).

I will use tools like Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media utilities to document my endless stream of thoughts, feelings, goals, aspirations, etc.

I call it, “Michael’s Mystical Constellation of God’s Blueprint Book”, or in other words, a multimedia feed of blog posts that include everything about Michael Albano (me, myself, and I) in the Universe and my connection to God and others.

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